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Managed Cyber Security Services

Unleash your business’s maximum protection.

We have a very simple ongoing/recuring monthly plan for business owners of all shapes and sizes. Once you’re onboarded we highly suggest you consolidate and cancel the subscriptions of the 3rd party tools we have just helped you replace.

With our CX365 subscription you get given everything your needed to keep your business protected and supported by a Technology Partner.

We will provide your business with a Remote Server, Phone System, Emails, Office 365, Antivirus, Internet Connection, Cyber Protection, Domain name and host your website.

But wait…… There is more – We also provide you with our CX ONE dashboard which is an All-In-One Sales and Marketing Platform. It will help you manage sales leads coming into your business, automate workflows in your business, manage your social media posts and conversations. This will change your business!

Along with this we document everything and provide you with a vCIO manager who will help implement IT Strategies into your business.

We will sit down and assess your business, your processes and procedures and work out how we can automate tasks in your business.

No two businesses are equal – so in order to give you an accurate price on your Cyber Security. We first need to do a Cyber Assessment to determine you requirements. This scan will uncover risks in your business and create an action plan to reduce those risks in your business.

Cyber Security isn’t just a one time thing – its much like going to the gym, you don’t get fit just after one session. You need to continually exercise and eat healthy. It is a way of life and Cyber Security is forever evolving and requires constant attention and adjusting to new threats.

What’s included in CX365 Plans?

  • Unlimited IT Support – 24/7

  • IT Support App & Helpdesk Team

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium

  • Microsoft 365 Backups

  • Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection

  • Microsoft Azure AD

  • Windows Defender for Business

  • Virtual CIO Manager

  • Cyber Awareness Training

  • Password Manager

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Essential 8 Implementation

  • Huntress Threat Ops 24/7

  • Threat Locker – Application Control

  • Zero Trust Network

  • Remote Server

  • Phone System

  • Managed NBN Connection (1oo/40MB) *ask for plans if needing more

  • Printer/Router/Wifi/Internet Management

  • Webhosting / Domain /DNS Management

  • IT Documentation

  • Business Automation

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